Nobody in their right minds, brexiteer or else, wants a no deal brexit. Even fewer people than that want Theresa May’s deal. However, what will undoubtedly wind up into historic crisis can turn out as a historic window of opportunity.

At the height of turmoil in Great Britain and Ireland, European leaders must present not further concessions but a reform improving conditions for all members and, more importantly, enabling the UK to revoke article 50 gracefully.

Once populists are found out phoney and a wider public comes to their senses, a condition by the way that seems likely only in Britain in the thick of a hopeless crisis, a turn of events might be possible.

What could that reform entail? One would hope that sensible statesmen foresaw the developments and prepared. The very peak of political despair is the only feasible moment to present it. Averting a great misfortune in post war integration could be the reward.

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